Sports Performance Optimization

Do you want to train smarter, not harder? Discover how functional medicine can help you optimize your sports performance. We use the latest advancements in sports performance optimization!


While a true functional medicine approach is no cover by your health insurance, the blood work and diagnostics are often cover. Think of functional medicine as an investment and not an expense!

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Sports performance optimization

The Role of Functional Medicine in Sports Performance

Functional sports medicine role is to optimize an athlete's health and performance through a holistic and personalized approach to healthcare. Functional medicine practitioners take into account an athlete's unique needs and lifestyle factors. Therefore, helping us develop individualized plans that optimize nutrition, training, recovery, and overall health.

Functional medicine practitioners use advanced testing and assessment methods to identify underlying imbalances that may be impacting an athlete's health and performance. These imbalances can include gut dysfunction, hormonal imbalances and/or inflammation. By addressing these imbalances through targeted interventions such as personalized nutrition plans, stress management, and supplementation, functional medicine can help athletes optimize their health and performance.

“Functional medicine helps to understand the cause of the disease and apply the right tool, at the right time, for the right patient, at the right dose” Mark Hyman, MD

How can you achieve optimal health and performance?

  • By identifying and addressing underlying imbalances such as gut dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, or chronic inflammation.

  • Optimizing recovery. It is an essential component of athletic performance, and functional medicine can help athletes optimize their recovery.

  • Identifying environmental factors. For instance, exposure to toxins, air pollution, or mold can impact an athlete's health and performance.

  • Hormone optimization. Hormonal imbalances can impact an athlete's energy levels, recovery, and overall performance.

  • By developing targeted interventions to optimize hormonal balance and performance.

Sports Performance Optimization
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Our Approach to Sports Performance Optimization

1. Precision diagnostics

We work with multiple innovative diagnostic lab services that offer variety of test need it for early detection and prevention of disease.

Additionally, we embrace genetic testing in order to understand each patient as individual and get to the root cause of the problem. These state-of-the-art testing allow us to get a complete picture of your health to improve clinical decision-making.

Precision Sports Medicine: The Future of Advancing Health and Performance.

2. DEXA Scan

It is the goal standard of body composition analysis, a vital part to your optimal health journey. Additionally, it obtains a precision reading of several health factors such as:

    • Body mass index
    • Bone density
    • Visceral fat (VAT)

DEXA will help us determine if the weight you are losing is fat, muscle or bone. As well as. helping us to keep track of your progress.


3. Hormone optimization

Hormone imbalance is link to multiple conditions including fatigue, mood swings, brain fog, memory lost, sleep disorders, osteoporosis and sexual disfunction to name a few.
Thus, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is the perfect example of preventive and proactive healthcare; which does not wait until something is broken to fix it!

5. Weight loss management

Many of us blame our age for our weight gain and sleep problems. STOP blaming your age and get your hormone levels check because many of the symptoms’ people associate with getting older are caused by hormone imbalance!

The end result of hormone optimization, thyroid balance and gut health will be a healthy weight loss. You want to reach your ideal weight in a healthy way, steady pace and keep it for the rest of your life.

4. Thyroid hormone balancing

According to recent research, thyroid dysfunction is the silent epidemic and this is why thyroid optimization is the key. Therefore, to restore hormone thyroid balance, we need to start by finding the factors that are causing the imbalance first.


6. Gut health

More and more studies link the connection between brain and gut.
According to the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), autoimmune issues in the thyroid originate in the gut, as well as, disorders in our gastrointestinal system that may present with neurological and psychiatric symptoms.





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