What we offer?

Preventive medicine

Your health is important to us. Here is what UPC offers to keep you healthy and live longer.

  • Health Optimization

  • Disease Prevention

  • Gut Health

  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

  • Telemedicine for already established patients

The results of functional medicine and weight loss

Lose weight and gain confidence. UPC utilizes a customized, collaborative approach to develop a weight loss program based on the individual’s lifestyle, goals, and budget.

Services and Cost
Functional medicine therapy


Not all IV therapies are the same. Our IV nutrition is customized individually for each and every client, according to their lifestyles and desired outcomes. There are immunity cocktails which are used to boost your immune system, as well as therapies to enhance athletic performance and speed up recovery.

  • Immunity

  • Fat blast

  • Performance and recovery

  • Dehydration/fatigue

  • COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

We bring IV hydration therapy to your party or any event. IV nutrition is a great way to prepare for or recover from group events.
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Services and Cost
Antiaging as preventive medicine


Plasma rich platelets (PRP) and microneedle for skin rejuvenation and hair loss.


Experience personalized care like never before with our one-of-a-kind annual consult and monthly program.

Our annual consult is $454 which includes:

  1. Advanced Testing: We utilize cutting-edge technology and genetic testing to provide a deep understanding of your current health status, potential risks, and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Comprehensive Medical Examination: Our team of expert medical professionals will conduct a comprehensive 120-minute in-person initial consult and 120-minute in-person follow-up after the test results. A total of 4 hours of comprehensive medical and physical examination, lab orders, interpretations, treatment planning, and recommendations.
  3. Convenient Sample Collection: On the day of your first consult, we will obtain our precision diagnostics for blood and urine without you having to leave the comfort of your home.
  4. Lab Orders and Interpretations: We will order and interpret laboratory tests, including advanced biomarker panels, to gain a deeper understanding of your health status.
  5. Treatment Planning and Recommendations: Based on the results of your tests and examination, we will provide personalized treatment plans and recommendations designed to help you optimize your health and achieve your goals.

Our monthly program fee is $195 and is determined based on your cardiometabolic, gastrointestinal, and hormone needs. It includes:

  1. Access to the provider on a personal basis
  2. Monthly virtual visit
  3. Ongoing care support for prescriptions and referrals
  4. A dose of hormone if needed
  5. Discounts on laboratory testing not covered by insurance
  6. 12% discount on all other services we offer, such as Botox, Plasma, and IV nutrition therapy
  7. Additionally, we offer a discount with our recommended remote exercise planning coach

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