Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for Optimal Wellness

Discover the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy for achieving hormonal balance and overall well-being. Our approach at Ultimate Preventive Care focuses on finding the root cause of hormone deficiencies and optimizing hormone levels under professional supervision.

Is hormone replacement therapy the right choice for you?

  • Difficulty losing weight despite a healthy diet and regular exercise.

  • Persistent fatigue that hampers your daily activities.

  • Experiencing brain fog, mood swings, and irritability.

  • Struggling with sleep problems that disrupt your rest.

  • A decrease in your sex drive, impacting your intimate relationships.

  • Frequent occurrences of hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness.

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But what exactly is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

Hormone optimization, achieved through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), involves restoring hormone levels, such as testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid to their optimal state within the body. The primary objective of hormone therapy is to alleviate symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances, such as fatigue, low libido, and depression, ultimately enhancing your overall health and well-being. As a result, individuals who have experienced a decline in hormone levels due to factors like aging or exposure to environmental chemicals often turn to hormone treatment.

Importantly, hormone optimization is a carefully monitored process conducted under the expert guidance of a healthcare provider. These professionals will continuously assess hormone levels and make adjustments as needed to ensure the best outcomes.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
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“Functional medicine helps to understand the cause of the disease and apply the right tool, at the right time, for the right patient, at the right dose” Mark Hyman, MD

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At Ultimate Preventive Care, we specialize in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT)

  • BHRT employs hormones that closely resemble those naturally produced by the human body.

  • Since BHRT's molecular structure matches your body's own hormones, it is considered a more natural alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapy.

  • Bioidentical hormone therapy is derived from natural sources and can be customized to suit each patient's unique needs, leading to better treatment outcomes.

  • For further insight, you can explore "Not All Hormones Are Created Equal: Bio-Identical Hormones Vs. Synthetic Hormones" from The Academy of Preventive and Innovated Medicine.

Our approach is simple....

1. Identifying the root cause of hormone deficiencies:

  • Physical examination: Our healthcare provider will conduct a thorough physical examination and take note of any signs or symptoms related to hormone deficiencies. This includes assessing changes in skin, hair, nails, or body fat distribution.
  • Hormone testing: We employ blood tests to measure hormone levels, including testosterone and estrogen in men and women, thyroid hormone levels, and cortisol levels. Specific testing helps pinpoint the cause of the deficiency, such as thyroid function tests or prolactin levels.
  • Patient history: Our healthcare provider will inquire about your medical history, including medications you are taking, any previous hormone-related conditions, and any symptoms you may be experiencing.

2. Bioidentical hormone therapy:

  • Optimizing thyroid function: Thyroid hormones regulate metabolism, and an underactive thyroid can lead to weight gain and fatigue.
  • Optimizing insulin function: Insulin regulates blood sugar levels and helps control weight. High insulin levels can lead to weight gain and fatigue.
  • Optimizing testosterone levels: Testosterone plays a vital role in muscle mass, energy levels, and libido in men. Men with low testosterone may experience weight gain, fatigue, and low libido.
  • Optimizing estrogen levels: Estrogen is crucial for weight regulation and libido in women. Women with low estrogen levels may experience weight gain, fatigue, and low libido.
  • Optimizing cortisol levels: Cortisol, involved in stress response and weight regulation, can lead to weight gain and fatigue when levels are high.

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